In Person Services


We are excited to be able to meet together in person again. However, in order to do so, there are several things that we have implemented, according to guidelines established by the authorities. It is not our desire to be overly restrictive or make your experience an unpleasant one, but the following is a list of some of what we need to do to be able to meet for the time being. We ask for your patience and understanding as we seek to comply with our governing authorities, thereby honoring the Lord, while at the same time worshiping Him together. We expect to make adjustments as we move forward. If you are in a "high risk" group, don't feel well, or are just not ready to gather in such a way yet, please stay home, as we will continue to provide Online Services on Sunday mornings.





Take your temperature and do a "self-check" of your health and the health of all in your family, who are planning on attending. If anyone is running a fever, or has any other health concerns (coughing, headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing etc.) then you MUST stay home. 



•.  We are only able to accommodate a limited number of people in the Sanctuary, we will have additional seating outside on the patio as well as the sidewalk and street if needed, while adhering to the Social Distancing requirements.


•   If you sit inside, you will be required to wear a mask or proper face covering. You are responsible for providing your own mask in order to sit inside. If you can't, or don't want to wear a mask, you will need to sit outside.


•.  There will be NO nursery, childcare, children's ministry, or youth group. If your child is age 10 or over, and can safely wear the proper face covering, they may sit inside with you. Families with younger children must sit outside. Also, the nursing mother's room will not be open.


•.  The Coffee Bar is open, but coffee will be served to you and there will be a selection of pre-packaged pastries to choose from. 



These changes will not continue forever, and certainly this is not the "new normal" for CCLE. As we have had to practice patience to this point, we continue to do so as our community slowly reopens. We are opening now to gather for one purpose, and that is to worship the Lord in community as brothers and sisters in Christ. Attendance is voluntary and we continue to make every effort to prioritize online services for those who still must stay at home, or who otherwise do not wish to attend given the new guidelines.


There will be zero tolerance of those who do attend, but wish to cause strife within the CCLE family concerning these rules and restrictions. Please do not voice any criticisms, challenges, or political opinions to the CCLE volunteers or others gathered for worship on Sunday. The church worship service is neither the time nor the place. The buck stops with me and all such criticism should be directed to me, personally, and I will be happy to explain the reasoning behind each decision. Let us at all times remember our witness as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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